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    Dallas Defense Attorney

    The Law Offices of Matthew Arnold are dedicated to helping clients who are being investigated, charged, or prosecuted by Federal or State law enforcement authorities. As a Dallas defense lawyer with over sixteen years of courtroom experience in defense cases, Matthew Arnold has the skills and experience you need when facing this frightening process. Our law office handles all aspects of your case from investigation through trial and appeal, and we do so in a professional, nonjudgmental, and caring manner. We want to help you.

    Dallas defense lawyer Matthew Arnold has a proven track record of courtroom success. As a former First Assistant District Attorney for Van Zandt County and as an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Matthew Arnold tried hundreds of cases to a jury. These cases included all manner of felony and misdemeanor cases, including high profile Capital Murder, Murder, Manslaughter, Robbery, Sexual Assault (rape), Burglary, Drug Possession, Assault crimes and DWI - DUI cases. Since leaving the District Attorney's office, Dallas lawyer Matthew Arnold has focused his law practice on aggressively defending the rights and reputations of people charged with criminal offenses in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all over Texas.

    Experience Counts

    When choosing a top Dallas attorney to help you with a legal matter, it is vitally important that you choose someone who has the trial experience and the aggressiveness to give you a vigorous defense. There are too many Dallas defense attorneys that claim to be trial lawyer, but in reality have very limited trial experience. Prosecutors know this, it affects how they deal with your case, and it will show in trial. Trial experience has a profound effect on all aspects of your case, even if your case never goes to trial.

    Whether you face Federal charges such as Bank Fraud or Drug Conspiracy, or State charges such as DWI and Assault, Dallas defense lawyer Matthew Arnold has the skill and experience to level the playing field between you and the government and will aggressively defend your rights and your liberty.

    Our Attitude: You are Innocent!

    The law states that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Too often though, the lawyer representing the accused doesn't take this to heart when they defend their clients. Not here. When you are charged with a crime your liberty and reputation are at stake. At the Law offices of Dallas criminal attorney Matthew Arnold we approach every case as if it where our reputation on the line, because it is. Dallas defense l lawyer Matthew Arnold will not passively defend your case, but rather fight for the justice you deserve. Our Dallas criminal attorneys never forget that you are innocent until proven guilty, and will do everything ethically possible to ensure that you stay that way.


    Being prosecuted for a criminal charge in Dallas can be a frightening experience. Probably the most frightening aspect of being prosecuted is the unknown. You want answers. At the Dallas criminal Law Offices of Matthew Arnold we pride ourselves on keeping our clients well informed in the criminal law, the status of their case, and the evidence, so that our clients can make these important decisions affecting their lives with confidence. When you have questions, our Dallas criminal attorneys will provide the answers. Call us today at 214-252-0911

    Dallas Defense Attorney Practice Areas:

      Federal and State Criminal Cases   Obstruction of Justice
      Misdemeanors   Manufacturing, Delivery or Possession of a Controlled Substance
      Murder Crimes   Criminal Sex Offenses, Rape and Indecency
      Weapons Charges   White Collar Crime
      Family Violence   Grand Jury Representation
      Juvenile Crime   Bond Hearings
      Felonies   Theft Crime
      DUI / DWI

    Our Law Offices are located at:

    3500 Maple Avenue, Suite 400
    Dallas, Texas 75219
    Ph: 214-252-0911