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    Case Results

    Dallas Criminal Lawyer

    A client charged with Attempted Capital Murder hired Matthew Arnold to present his side of the story to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury returned a NO BILL and his client was released from jail.

    A Client with a prior probation for Delivery of a Controlled Substance was charged with a new Delivery case. Matthew Arnold set the case for trial and convinced the District Attorney to dismiss the case. CASE DISMISSED.

    A Client charged with a theft case in San Antonio. Matthew Arnold traveled to San Antonio and showed the District Attorney that this was merely a civil dispute. CASE DISSMISSED.

    A client charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Matthew Arnold was able to negotiate a reduction to a misdemeanor and Deferred Adjudication probation.

    A client charged with Aggravated Assault against a family member hired Matthew Arnold. At a pretrial hearing Matthew Arnold virtually destroyed the State's primary witness on the stand. The case was reduced to a minor misdemeanor with no jail time for the client.

    A client was charged with Disorderly Conduct. A conviction would mean loss of employment. He hired Matthew Arnold and he pointed out to the court that the complaint was fatally flawed. Case Dismissed.

    A client charged with murder was awaiting trial in jail with a high bond. Matthew Arnold pushed for a quick trial, and when the State announced not ready, he successfully secured his client's release without any money down.

    A client with a troubled past was charged with three new felony offenses. The District Attorney initially wanted 15 years. Matthew Arnold was able to secure an offer of probation.

    A young client with no prior record was charged with a drug offense. Matthew Arnold was able to enroll the client in a divert court probation prior to indictment. If successfully completed, the case will be dismissed.

    A client charged with a serious Fraud case in Federal court was looking at nearly 10 years Federal time. By charge bargaining with the Federal prosecutors, and challenging the presentence report, Matthew Arnold ensured his client received far less time

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