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    Family Violence Charges Defense Attorney

    Family Violence

    You have an argument with your spouse. Things get a little heated. The police are called, and things are said. Whether those statements are true or not there is a high probability that someone will go to jail and be charged with Family Violence.

    Family Violence cases are typically assault cases between members of the same family or household. While most assault cases are misdemeanors, Family Violence cases have received extra attention from state legislators and law enforcement. Penalties have increased. A second offense can be enhanced to a felony (in Texas), and there are very serious implications federally including your right to own a firearm. Further, the damage to your reputation in the community is severe. A conviction for family violence is something you need to avoid if at all possible. During my 12 years as a Dallas defense lawyer, I’ve handled hundreds of family violence cases. Let me help you if you are charged with this type of case, and I’ll use all my experience and trial skills to help you try to avoid being branded a spouse beater.

    Family Violence Charges Defense Attorney

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