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    Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

    Juvenile Crime

    There is a great deal of difference between juvenile and adult court in the Texas court system.   The main reason for juvenile court in Dallas is to try to intervene and rehabilitate a minor opposed to pursuing punishment.  Minors, children ages 10–18 have the juvenile system available to them.  The purpose of the juvenile court is to deter delinquency in the future.

    The court system prefers to be lenient on first-time minor offenders and many times the court will order community service or a fine instead of more serious consequences.  In the case of a violent behavior, at the discretion of the judge and prosecutor, a minor may be tried in adult court.

    There are several options for punishment available in juvenile court, dependant upon the seriousness of the crime and the minor’s previous record.  Punishment can include house arrest, graffiti cleanup, detention, community service and imprisonment.

    If charged with a crime a juvenile has the right to a Dallas criminal attorney at any time during the proceedings.  However, if the juvenile has only committed a minor crime, criminal attorney representation may not be necessary.  But in the event of a more serious charge, it is imperative to hire an experienced Dallas criminal attorney.

    Dallas Defense lawyer Matthew Arnold has the knowledge and experience to represent juveniles and look out for their best interest. If you are need need of a juvenile criminal attorney, call Dallas criminal attorney Matthew Arnold at 214-252-0911.

    Dallas Juvenile Defense Attorney

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